Azores Weather September

The Azores Weather in September is great. Overall the weather is hot, humid and sunny. My sister had her honeymoon in the Azores late in September some years ago and she found that the weather was fantastic.

Azores Temperature in September

The temperature is fairly moderate in all of the islands. But it gets reasonably hot and humid in September, second only to August. The temperature ranges from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius with an average of about 21. So obviously the Azores aren't hot like an area near the equator.

Days of Sun in the Azores

August is the sunniest month in the Azores. September isn't too far behind and its a good time to go if you want to visit when the weather is likely to be hot and sunny.

Rainfall in September

If you go to the Azores in September, you can expect about one third of the days to have some rain.

September is a great time to visit the Azores Islands if you want some hot weather. Now it is just a matter of picking which island(s) to visit!

Click Azores weather to find out more about weather in Azores.

Or visit the Magical Azores Islands home page for information about all of the islands.

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