Azores Photo Gallery Hiking

This Azores Photo Gallery is from a recent hiking trip on Sao Miguel. Azores Hiking is quite a scenic, relaxing experience. You get the opportunity to see much of the island when hiking. I hope you enjoy these pictures

Azores Hiking

Azores hiking - lake view

Azores hike

Trail in Azores

I observed some interesting old structures ...

... like this aqueduct ...

An Aqueduct visible on the hike

... and this old storage spot ...

Azores hiking

... and this old pumphouse beside a lake ...

An old pumphouse of some sort

The trail had some very interesting plants and moss

This plants leaves were a bit like rhubarb and the seed pods were very unique. The plant stood about waist high.

A plant we came across while hiking

There were thick mosses all along the trails. They were all different shades of red, yellow, green and white.


Moss seen on an Azores hiking trip

And then there was ground cover in various spots along the trail as well

Ground cover on trail in Azores

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