What is the Azores Currency?

If you are wondering what the Azores Currency is, and where to get it, you have come to the right place. Any time I visit somewhere for the first time I always wonder what the currency is where the best place is to get it. Do not worry, money from Azores is simple to find and get!

At one time the currency was the Escudo. This was Portugal's currency before joining the European union. The Azores are a part of Portugal and use their currency. So when Portugal joined the European Union and adopted the Euro as their currency the Azores did as well. So if you happen to have an Azores Escudo from a prior visit it is now just a nice souvenir as it has been phased out.

I find that it is best to exchange my Canadian dollars to Euro's at home before heading to the islands. The Euro is a very common currency so where ever you are visiting the Azores from I am confident that you can buy Euro's before you travel to the Acores. But there are banks in the Azores where you can make your currency exchange as well.

Now that you know what the currency in the Azores is you might have other questions. Click here for more information about the Azores.

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