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Azores Photo Gallery

Azores Photo Gallery - a small sample of the three thousand pics I took on my last vacation to the Azores Islands. More and more are added to the site each month

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Car Rental

Do you suggest a car rental for a 4 day visit?

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Enjoying the countryside

Walked up to the top of a hill to a little chapel in Aqua de Pao, the view was breathtaking! Ran into this fellow enjoying his breakfast!

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Enjoying the countryside

Walked up to the top of a hill to a little chapel in Aqua de Pao, the view was breathtaking! Ran into this fellow enjoying his breakfast!

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Azores Blog

We took our second trip to the Azores last fall. I kept a blog for our friends and included many photos and descriptions. Check it out:

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My Birth Home.

I was born in Praia, I lived with my grand parents, my story is to sad for me, because I did not want to leave my home, I live in the U S A and have a

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Sao Miguel Azores

Sao Miguel Azores is the green island of the acores islands. It is the largest and most populous of the islands and highly recommended for first time visitors

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Azores Photos

The Azores Photos collection on Magical Azores Islands are from a variety of sources and is growing constantly. See why the Azores are such an enchanting place

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Caloura is a favourite spot to visit in Sao Miguel. It is a pretty little fishing village.

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postal service

Hi, I have some friends sailing from Burmuda to the Azores and should arrive in roughly 2 weeks. My friend has lost her prescription sunglasses and has

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Looking for an artist who does whalebone boats

While we were in the azores we met and purchased a whale boat made of ivory. We purchased it from Mr. Alberto Luz. Mr. Luz came to the united states

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Are there more markets?

Besides the Saturday market in Ponta Delgada are there any other open markets on Sao Miguel? I know of fruit trucks, if you are at the right time and

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Pam American

Pictures of A Boing 314 flying boat my da worked for them M.Jacinto Horta fayal Rob's Reply Thanks for sharing!

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Hiking Logistics

My husband and I are traveling to Sao Jorge in May and want to do a couple of day hikes. We are thinking of renting a car and driving to our end destination

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Miradouro - firewood?

Hi, I've read a few posts that recommend stopping at these lookout points and having a bbq lunch. Do we need to bring/find firewood or charcoal? Are there

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God is alive and Well

1997 I had the amazing experience of going to the Azores. Recently married to a gentleman from Pico. We landed in Sao Miquel and well...the salt air, the

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What can i say !

I,m in the U.S.Army and we took a Flight from the U.S., our Plane broke down and we landed at Lages AF base in Terceria, Azores we

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PLanning trip help

I am planning a trip to the Azores for this June and wonder if you could recommend and airline from the East Coast and also accommodations for myself and

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The caves

I was stationed at Terceira from 1967-1969 and believe the Alqar do Carvo caves were not developed at that time as they look like the cave we explored.

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Accommodation on Santa Maria Island

Rob, first of all congratulations to your extensive informative site of which I came across by accident. Me and my wife emigrated 2009 from Switzerland

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A View Fit for a King

This was a view from the top Sete Cidades in Sao Miguel, Azores Reply Hi Amy Thanks for sharing. Rob

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Enjoying the 'iron' hot springs in colder months

Dear Rob, I'm considering my first trip to the Sao Miguel in January 2014. I don't mind the cooler temps but would like to enjoy the 'iron' hot springs/baths

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Front Seat View

This was taken from a rental propert in Vila Franca Do Campo in the island of Sao Miguel, Azores Rob's reply Hi Amy, beautiful picture. Love it! thanks

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Ponta da Ferraria

Ponta da Ferraria is a little known spot where a hot spring feeds a natural swimming pool right on the coast. Enjoy a unique hot swim in the ocean!

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Azores Tea

Looking for Azores tea? Sao Miguel has Europe's two tea plantations

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Hi, we're going to Sao Miguel early September and since we are nature photographer's, I would ask you where to look for stunning landscapes (= not visually

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Flying To The Azores August 17th, 2013.Need Some Advice Please.

Hello Everyone, I`m a 53 Y.O. guy from Arizona, USA, I`m flying to Ponta Delgada August 17th, I plan on living on the Azore Islands until Dec-22nd where

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Accommodation in Azores

A new recommendation for accommodation in Azores. This cottage in Faial is in a great spot near the beach and has waterfalls in view. It is a comfortable, secluded spot

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Help! Sooo confused.

Just saw a travel package to Azores and have some questions about the islands. The only language we speak is English, is that a problem on the islands?

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Ponta Delgada at Night

Ponta Delgada offers a variety of things to do at night in Sao Miguel Azores

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