I don't know about you, but I sure wish I was in the Azores right now! Adding all kinds of pictures to the site this past month has made me anxious to go back soon. Not to mention that it is minus ten degrees celsius here in Southern Ontario, Canada, and plus fifteen in Sao Miguel. The funny thing is, I am sure the locals are complaining that it is freezing right now!

Magical Azores Islands Newsletter 007Last month I promised to add more pictures from my latest trip to the islands. I have added about 20 new pages in January and added pictures to many others. Every page I put on the site makes me want to go back soon. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

In this Issue


Pictures ....

  • ... from a hiking trip
  • ... of the beaches
  • ... of the cities, towns and villages
  • ... of a fantastic garden
  • ... from some great lookouts
  • ... from a tour of Pico

Hiking in the Azores - Pictures

I had a great hike in Sao Miguel. Azores Hiking is a great experience. On the hike I went on there were a lot of great views and some very interesting plants and mosses. There are numerous well marked trails on all of the islands.

Azores Beach Pictures

Interested in the Azores beaches? I put up some pictures of the Sao Miguel Azores Beaches

Pictures of Cities, Towns and Villages

I focused on my pictures from Sao Miguel this month. I added pictures from

  • Ribeira Grande - the second largest city in Sao Miguel with a beautiful park and nice beach
  • Capelas - once a whaling town is now a great place for a swim
  • Caloura - a beautiful fishing port, village and beach
  • Ponta Delgada - the capital of Sao Miguel Island
  • Vila Franca do Campo - the first capital of Sao Miguel with a beautiful marina
  • Mosteiros - a town with a very scenic coast
  • Ribeira Quente - a picturesque town on the south coast

A fantastic garden

I am going to share some pictures of one of the best gardens in all of the Azores. I hope I do it justice. Only a small number of people ever see it: the garden at Quinta Das Acacias

Azores Coast

Great Lookouts and Views

The most recent page I did shows some great views of the islands. Many of them are from the great scenic lookouts: Azores Islands Pictures

Pictures From A Tour of Pico

Remember last month I wrote about my wild cab ride in Pico? Well, this month I added pictures taken on brief stops along the way. Most of them were taken while I was catching my breath .... Azores Pico Tour

One More New Spot For Pictures

Have you been to the Azores? I have added a spot for you to show off your Azores Photos.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures here and that you will add a few of your favourites. (I am pretty sure a large number of subscribers have been before).

Oh, before I go, one more link to some of mom's pictures from November and December 2009: Moms Azores Photos

All the best,

Rob Belchior

PS for my family that subscribes: I did a page about a picture of my Great Grandfathers land in Sao Miguel. Take a look At my great grandfathers farm in Sao Miguel Azores