Welcome back to www.magical-azores-islands.com. If you have been to the Azores you undoubtedly know why so many people love this enchanting archipelago of 9 remote islands. If you are just planning your first trip you might be wondering if you will enjoy your visit. I love the islands and think you will too. To help you see why I love the islands, I have summarized a few key points that I love about the islands, and included links to new pges, updated pages and some favourite pages.

Why Do I Love The Azores?

The Lifestyle

A patio in Ponta Delgada Azores
Relaxing in cafes and outdoor patios (like the one pictured here), barbecues at scenic lookouts, beaches (see the updated Sao Miguel Azores Beaches page), and the relaxed quiet lifestyle.

The Hiking

An Azores Hike in Faial da Terra
Photo by Miranda
There are many great hikes here. Take this hike in Faial da Terra as an example.

The Ocean

Azores - dolphin swimming
When you are on an Atlantic Ocean island, thousands of miles from anything, the ocean is a focal point of your life. Whether it is simply being aware of the sights, sounds, smells and ocean breeze, or if you go swimming, sailing, surfing, fishing, diving or whale watching.

If you haven't yet, read about a great day of Sailing in the Azores. We repeated this experience in 2011 and saw an unbelievable number of dolphins, one of which I captured in the picture above.

The Gardens and Flowers

A lily at Terra Nostra Park
Photo by Miranda
See some pictures of the wide variety of Flowers.

And read about another interesting park: Pinhal da Paz

The Historic Towns

Angra do Heroismo, Azores
Ponta Delgada
Angra do Heroismo

Recommended Page

In addition to this newsletter, I recently posted a page about why I love the Azores. You are invited to check it out and add comments (and pictures too!) at the bottom.

Why do you love the Azores Islands?

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