When thinking of Western Europe, most of us don't consider the Azores Islands as the westernmost point. But the towns on Flores and Corvo are the most western points of all of Europe. They are so far west that they lie on the North American plate. But make no mistake, these are European islands to be sure.

Not only are they the furthest west, but they have to be the most remote as well. Corvo and Faial are 24 kilometers from each other, 3300 kilometers from Boston Massachusetts, 1900 Kilometers to Lisbon, and 250 kilometers to Horta, Faial and the Central group of the Azores Islands. Right out by themselves in the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the distance from mainland Europe, the islands were settled in the late 1400's and soon became a stopping point for pirates and corsairs

So if you want to get away from it all in the Azores, Flores and Corvo are two good choices. With small populations (Corvo's population hovers around 400 and Flores is under 4000) There aren't alot of choices of where to stay and what to do. Flores has several hotels and guest houses to stay at, where Corvo only has a couple of guest houses. So solitude in a beautiful location is easily achieved on either of these wonderful islands. There are some scenic walks to go on, friendly locals, opportunities for diving and a beautiful landscape as you will see in the pictures below.

If you go to Corvo or Flores in the winter, plan an extra day or two in your itinerary in case of bad weather. There are times where the weather is too rough for boats or planes to go in or out from the islands. Usually these conditions pass in a day or two, but it is wise nonetheless to plan for that possibility. In the summer months this is generally not an issue to worry about. The bad weather concern can be true at all of the islands in the winter, but Flores and Corvo are accessed by smaller airplanes so the level of caution needs to be higher.


Flores, the town of Cedros, with only 150 inhabitants - beautiful coastline view

Flores - picture of Cedros
From Wikipedia
The town of Vila Nova do Corvo with Flores in the background

Vila Novo do Corvo with Flores in the background
From Wikipedia

The town of Ponta Delgada, Flores, with Corvo in the background. Imagine the old days when the only means of communication was by fire and smoke signals!
Ponta Delgada, Flores, with Corvo in the distance From Wikipedia

At Lajes, Flores
Lajes Flores Azores
From Wikipedia

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