I've got the bug.

The Azores travel bug!

This could be trouble, I am officially craving my next Azores trip, sooner than scheduled.

Maybe some time during prime time this year. This summer.

Azores summer vacation I can see it now, all too well. Great sunny weather. Perfect for hiking the beautiful Azores landscape (so many great hikes to choose from!). Also perfect for driving to one of many coastal towns, parking and walking the streets.

Stopping for a refreshing drink if it gets too humid, or if its raining. And taking a dip in the warm, gulf stream waters of the Atlantic ocean at one of the many Azores Beaches. Or maybe taking in all that Ponta Delgada has to offer ... I love spending the better part of day just in Ponta Delgada. There are a couple of restaurants I'd like to visit.

And of course there is watching the sun set and marveling at the star filled sky at night.

The best part of going to the Azores is slowing down and enjoying a more leisurely pace.

Especially after the incredibly busy couple of months at work that I have just had.

I could go on and on ... but I better stop before I make a rash decision!

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Exclusive information and pictures

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Something new on Sao Miguel ... a winery!

Mario from Quinta de Jardinette If you are looking for something to do on your next trip to Sao Miguel Island, why not go on a winery tour?

My friends from Quinta das Acacias took me to a new winery (open since 2007) in Sao Miguel. I was introduced to the winemaker, Mario (pictured at right).

Quinta da Jardinette tour Mario was very generous with his time and gave our group of seven visitors an extensive tour of the vineyards, the wine making area, and the entire estate.

The estate itself has a history that dates back hundreds of years. At one time a wealthy family owned it and produced oranges for the thriving orange trade.

Quinta da Jardinette Church One sign of the wealth of the estate at one time is the church that still stands on the property. The church is big enough to hold 20 to 30 people. It even had a small confessional booth in it!

The church is located near the front of the property, beside the house and the barn. All three of these buildings are close to the road and behind high walls which surround the entire property.

Outbuilding at Quinta da Jardinette A fourth building on the property is located on the highest point of the property near the back. At the time when the oranges were in full production, this small building was the vantage point for the owner of the property to watch and evaluate his workers.

The picture to the right
is one of my favourites
from this visit. This is
Outbuilding at Quinta da Jardinette taken from behind a gate that is located in the middle of the property. I am not sure why there is a wall there. I may have been too busy snapping pictures to take note if I was told. Oh well, there's a gate in the middle of the property. If you take a tour some day, be sure to ask why its there (and let me know!).

Looking towards the front of the property from this gate is a long pathway lined by trees. Along the path, there was a vineyard on one side, and banana trees on the other side with another vineyard further back.

gate at Quinta da Jardinette After touring the grounds, we proceeded to a tasting of the wines. I am not an expert wine taster, but I can say that we all enjoyed the wines that we tasted. And Mario did great answering all of our questions.

To meet Mario and get a tour of the winery, use the contact form on this page: Portugal Wine maker

Practical Information

Coming soon, you will find links to more hotels and accomodations in the Azores on the website. Although I must say that most travellers will love Quinta das Acacias in Sao Miguel. And if you are going to Faial, there is thisFaial Accommodation in Azores

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See you soon!

Thanks again for your interest! Stick around and I'll let you know if I go (or if I went).

All the best,
Rob Belchior


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