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Magical Azores Islands, Issue #026. When to visit the Azores Islands
January 30, 2014

A common question that I receive at is when is the best time to go to the Azores Islands.

My answer depends on what it is that the person is looking for. For example, if you want to know a good time to:

- Explore the island
- Go golfing (the best courses are in Sao Miguel and Terceira)
- Hike (great hiking on all of the islands)
- Whale Watch (one company reports good sightings already in 2014)
- Surf
- Ride a Horse
- Enjoy a local restaurant or café
- Visit a park
- Take pictures
- Do some paragliding or canyoning

I can tell you, in my opinion, any time is a good time.

My family that is there right now tell me that the weather has been quite nice this January (around 15 Celsius, 60 Fahrenheit).

This is with the exception of a few days when a storm called Hercules affected the islands with high winds and big waves. For many of us living in North America or Europe, these temperatures are pretty attractive right now!

If the primary reason to visit is to spend a lot of time on the beach, then the best time to go is late June through to early September. This is the time period with the sunniest, hottest weather.

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