I am excited to say that my next vacation in the Azores is coming up in November. As usual I will be staying in San Miguel. This time I am also planning a mini trip to Faial Island for a few days and I would really like to visit Pico via ferry from Faial.

You have probably noticed that you are getting the October edition of the ezine in November. All I can say is: Oops! The extra wait is going to be well worth it. I really like what I have to share with you this month.

In this Issue I am going to show you some great pictures of Pico, an easily missed place in San Miguel called Ponta da Ferraria, and I want to invite you to share your Azores Islands experiences.

I'm going to start this issue with the part that I am most excited about. I know, this should be about you right? Right! Keep reading to see how this about you ...

I have added a new feature to the site to allow anyone to share their Azores experience on the site by writing a story and hopefully adding a picture as well. This will allow for a wider perspective of the Azores Islands to be shared. The first spot that I have created for this is called:

Your Azores Islands Magic

I know that several subscibers to this newsletter have visited the Azores on at least one occassion. Some are regular visitors and a couple even have property there. I invite all of you to write a note about your about your favourite spot on the islands. Or perhaps you would like to write about your most magical experience on any of the islands? That would be most welcome too. It doesn't have to be a professional or profound piece of writing. There are no journalistic standards to meet. Just write something from the heart that you sincerely liked about the Azores. Take a look right now: (this will open in a new window ... go ahead and have a look)
Your Azores Islands Magic

There are a couple of submissions already. Why not add yours today?

Note: I do moderate each submission to ensure that it is of reasonable quality and not of a commercial natural. This will only affect those who try to stop in and write something off topic or advertorial in nature. I know that the subscribers of this newsletter sincerely love the Azores and are bright enough to keep submissions on topic. So go ahead and write a note about something you love in the Azores

Pictures From Pico

Pico is a very popular island to visit. You will see why when you see these pictures: Pico Azores Pictures

Ferraria: A hot spring in the Ocean!

The ocean is quite warm in the Azores thanks to the gulf stream current. But there is a spot in Sao Miguel where the ocean's temperature is quite hot thanks to a hot spring that goes into the ocean. It is 28 degrees Celcius in the Ocean thanks to the hot spring (that's about 83 degrees Fahrenheit). You can even go for a swim there!
Please read more about it at my page about Ponta da Ferraria

Coming Next Month

The next time I write I will have been to the Azores yet again. So I will have lots to share with you from Sao Miguel, Faial, and maybe even Pico. See you in a month!

All the best, Rob Belchior